Cost of doing business

Automakers and suppliers face a continual struggle to balance the costs of doing business while maintaining competitiveness. Operational costs include product innovation/R&D, flexible manufacturing, globalisation, marketing, pensions and legacy, and incentives. In addition, compliance with numerous regulatory and legislative requirements around the global industry is a major cost of doing business for automakers.

Consumers have a variety of vehicle and power train preferences, so there is no single technological solution that meets all requirements in all markets. Investing in multiple new technologies has become a huge burden to them and prohibitive development costs have prompted joint powertrain developments, outsourcing, new alliances, and government supports. Governments will further tighten regulations going forward, with emphasis switching from tailpipe emissions to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, building organizations that adapt to these changes and costs is a key to a sustainable future for companies in the automotive sector.

How PwC can help you

The PwC global automotive network has more than 1,500 skilled professionals that provide guidance, offer analysis, and deliver solutions to firms across the entire automotive industry value chain. Every day these professionals help companies reduce the cost of doing business by delivering various services including: