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Industry summaries, regional overviews and segment trends

In support of PwC’s position as a global knowledge leader, Analyst Notes have been designed to provide insightful analysis on the global automotive sector in a concise, easily-digestible format. Analyst Notes are available free of charge with thousands of industry executives already enjoying the benefits this service brings.

Analyst Note Plus

The Autofacts Analyst Note Plus is a paid version of our popular Analyst Note publication. The Analyst Note Plus is designed to provide a cost-efficient forecasting service to all participants within the automotive value chain.

Available as an annual subscription, clients will receive:

  • four (4) quarterly forecast update issues that contain in-depth global; and
  • regional analysis that discusses relevant market trends, insights and a near-term outlook.

An enhanced version of the Analyst Note Plus is also available, which includes an accompanying Excel file of the assembly and powertrain data.

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Standard data set

Light Vehicle Assembly (Global) Powertrain (Global) Light Vehicle Assembly (Regional) Powertrain (Regional)
Region Engine Family
(Top 10)
Alliance Group
(Top 10)
Fuel Type and Delivery
(percentage share)
(Top 35)
Weighted Engine Displacement Average Platform
(Top 10)
Weighted Engine Displacement Average
Alliance Group
(Top 20)
Fuel Type Brand
(Top 10)
(Top 20)
Transmission Outlook Nameplate
(Top 10)
(Top 20)
Gear Outlook    
(Top 20)



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