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As global growth slows, segment dynamics and technology changes will pose challenges to the automotive industry’s flexibility. Established markets still have growth potential with advances in technology, shifting from policy-driven options to customer-demanded features.

  • Released: Q3 2018
  • Price: US$ 2,800
  • Page count: 89 pages
  • Issue(s) in focus: Global market overview, along with deep dive regional analysis, including unique market drivers, contribution to growth and mature vs. emerging market data
  • Markets included: Global, Asia-Pacific, Europe, ME&A, North America, and South America
  • Relevant to: Industry participants who seek to gain a better understanding of each market's assembly and sales performance, powertrain profile, and forecasted assembly outlook.

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Regional outlook

Regional outlook
Regional outlook
Regional outlook

Assembly by country within a 7 year forecast window

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