Meet Melissa, Katie, Jana, Max and Rena

A convener, a crisis manager, a storyteller, a strategist and a marketer—a global community of solvers coming together for COVID-19 thought leadership review.

In March 2020, this community of solvers came together to combine their unique skills for an unprecedented challenge—working with our teams around the world to review and assess key thought leadership pieces on the evolving COVID-19 crisis, bringing timely and valuable insights to the market to help our clients navigate the evolving market environment. The team needed to work fast and across time zones—in real time. In less than three months, they reviewed close to 900 thought pieces. 

This small team drove strong coordination and clear standards, which are essential for a global Network working on time-sensitive materials. Technology was key in streamlining the review process and ensuring seamless collaboration and communication. Electronic forms led to fast data submissions and trackable progress evaluations. Slides that everyone across the Network could access meant information was always available and completely current. Surveys that collected content and fed automated sheets not only expedited review times, but ensured the team was able to identify specific issue areas and resolve them. A dashboard of best practices helped global teams strengthen their own document development, and daily video meetings provided a place for important discussions and—perhaps more importantly—real human connections.

Thanks to great collaboration across capabilities and territories, this group was able to become a high performing team of experts. They elevated one another’s knowledge and pushed their thinking. Together, they helped deliver timely insights and valuable guidance during a time of uncertainty and challenge. And the lasting friendships that came out of the work are the extra bonus.

Meet Melissa, Katie, Jana, Max and Rena

“Amazing things can happen when people from different cultures, time zones and backgrounds are brought together to serve a common purpose.” - Rena

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