Meet Rogier

Political scientist, sportsman, tax specialist and solver with PwC Netherlands

Meet Rogier, an indirect tax manager in the Deals practice, focusing on VAT-related advice during mergers and acquisitions.

After studying political science at university, Rogier joined the PwC Netherlands Tax Traineeship programme where he was given the opportunity to follow a post-initial Master's Degree in Tax Law while gaining invaluable work experience. Rogier said, "It was a golden opportunity for me: I was able to quickly combine theory and practice and was given every chance to use the critical outlook from my Political Science studies when working for clients and stakeholders."

Choosing PwC was a purposeful decision for Rogier, inspired by the firm's commitment to hiring people with diverse educational backgrounds and knowledge. Emphasizing the importance of this, Rogier asserts, "PwC is showing great courage by offering opportunities to people from outside the traditional [business] academic areas, and by focusing on a diverse and inclusive workforce."

After a three year programme, Rogier joined the firm as an indirect tax specialist in the field of deals. He appreciates the support and flexibility that PwC offers for a balanced work-life dynamic, allowing him to go for a jog, brush up on pop culture and learn about men’s fashion. 

Highlighting the firm’s commitment to bringing together diverse teams to deliver outstanding results, Rogier said: "PwC wants to unite your unique skills with those of your colleagues in order to find the very best solutions."

Meet Rogier

“Unite your unique skills with those of your colleagues in order to find the very best solutions.”

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