Reimagining the possible with how – and whom – we recruit

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To secure the future pipeline of talent that PwC – and PwC's clients – will need in our business, we have to reimagine recruitment. This means being innovative in the  recruitment of graduates and interns, and being future-focused in how we develop our people.

A great example of this innovation in action is a new partnership that PwC UK has created with two leading UK universities to give more people an opportunity to start their technology careers with PwC. The Technology Degree Apprenticeship is the latest addition to the UK firm’s well-established “Flying Start” degree series.

Reimagining how we recruit

“To meet the challenges facing the UK around technology skills, we need to be even more innovative in the way we develop skills and recruit people. Our Technology Degree Apprenticeship is an exciting new way for us to start to grow the future of the UK’s technology industry at a much earlier stage and to open up these careers to a wider range of students from across the country.”

Kevin Ellis, Chairman and senior partner, PwC UK

Designed in partnership with the University of Birmingham and the University of Leeds, the new programme offers participants a fantastic blend of benefits. These include work experience with PwC's Tech teams during work placements, fully-funded tuition, a degree in Computer Science and a salary throughout the four-year course. The goal is to get their career in technology off to a flying start.

The programme breaks new ground in several ways. Using a bespoke curriculum designed to suit PwC’s workplace, it’s fully funded by the UK government’s apprenticeship levy and is one of the first and largest schemes of its kind. From September 2018, the programme will enable 80 students a year to combine university life with on-the-job training. It’ll also help PwC UK create a more diverse workforce for the future and encourage social mobility by offering opportunities to a broader array of talented young people.