Helping our people lead healthier, happier lives

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Being fit and heathy – both mentally and physically – helps us to lead more active and fulfilling lives. That’s why PwC firms across the world are strongly committed to nurturing and enhancing the wellbeing of all PwC people.

To put this commitment into effect, PwC firms have programmes in place in many countries. Three examples are ‘Green light to talk’ in the UK; ‘Energy to grow your own way’ in Switzerland and the ‘FitPwC’ programme in Malaysia.

Our UK firm’s ‘Green light to talk’ programme aims to help destigmatise mental illness and build a more caring, open and inclusive culture where our people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.

In May 2017, the firm held its second annual Green Light to Talk Day, when everyone was invited to wear a green ribbon, attend a local event and join the conversation on social media to show they’re happy to talk about mental wellbeing. The firm also has ‘wellbeing champions’ who volunteer to support the wellbeing agenda in their local office throughout the year.

Helping our people lead healthier lives

“We all have mental health and it’s natural that we’ll experience times when we’re less well mentally or get diagnosed with a specific condition, just the same as with our physical health. We’re taking a lead in this space to let our people, and our clients, know that these conversations can make a difference and destigmatise mental illness at work.”

Sarah Churchman, PwC Human capital director – Diversity, Inclusion, Wellbeing and Mental Health

In Switzerland, PwC's ‘Energy to grow your own way’ is a wellbeing programme aimed at ensuring that employees have energy for everything that’s important to them, both in their professional and personal lives. By incorporating four elements – Rest, Spirit, Action and Food – into PwC people’s daily activities, the programme helps to increase their mental and physical energy levels, thus ensuring they can do their best both at work and in their spare time.

Participation in the voluntary programme is growing rapidly and feedback from participants has motivated more to get involved. Beat Posratschnig, director, PwC Switzerland, says: "I think 'Energy to grow your own way' is one of the best programmes that PwC has ever launched. It motivates me and my colleagues to meet up on Mondays for a running boot camp training. I also took part in the Greifenseelauf charity run last year, where runners of all ages and fitness levels could sign up and help PwC to raise money to support a good cause."

“Participating in Stairathon is a simple commitment to being more mobile than just being stationary in front of the PC. Also, an hour away from a busy workstation space to a calmer surrounding helps the mind to de-clutter and reflect on the day's work.”

Siew Kuan YongConsultant, PwC Malaysia

Meanwhile, PwC Malaysia’s FitPwC initiative was inspired by a 5km ‘fun run’ that the firm held in 2014. The popularity of that event highlighted the potential for a sustained wellbeing programme that would improve fitness levels across the firm and help reduce sick days. So in 2015 the firm launched FitPwC – and it’s now a thriving programme that has expanded and attracted rising participation every year.

FitPwC includes a step-count competition called KakiJalan, a stairathon, get-fit classes, head and shoulder massages, and – for the first time in 2017 – a weight-loss initiative. When asked to assess the results, 67% of participants said it had made them fitter, and 46% that they had seen an improvement in their health.

Participants across the Malaysian firm have highlighted the benefits of FitPwC both for the body and mind. Li Hong Sim, Business Development Centre assistant manager, says: “Participating in FitPwC activities has helped me de-stress from work and keeps me energised.”