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Setting the scene

It takes a certain type of person to run and grow their own business. Even the smallest advantages can give massive benefits, which is why PwC has developed cloud-based services for ambitious business owners such as Joseph Parker, WBO World Heavyweight Champion. 

“What I particularly like is being able to access everything wherever I am in the world, and all on my phone. I can get all the information I need, straightaway. And being able to do things like photograph receipts and load them direct to my accounting software takes out a huge amount of hassle.”

Joseph ParkerWBO World Heavyweight champion

How we helped

‘Team Parker’ has to be one of our most unusual clients: it’s a man, a brand, and a portfolio of business interests, all built round Joseph Parker, the New Zealand boxer who’s the WBO World Heavyweight champion. PwC has developed cloud-based business advisory services, underpinned by a platform called ‘Next Hub’, which is perfectly adapted to provide access to PwC experts and services he needs, wherever and whenever he needs them. 

From cash management to investments, performance reporting to strategic advice, and help to automate day-to-day processes like payroll, receipts, bank reconciliations and compliance tasks, ‘Next Hub’ gives accurate real-time reports about how ‘Team Parker’ is performing on a dashboard tailored specially for him, which are brought to life by expert PwC business advisors. The idea for Next Hub was born out of the desire to serve owners of smaller-sized businesses better, by leveraging cloud-based technology to support a more personal relationship between business owners and their advisors at an affordable price. 


The relationship isn’t just about the right tools and the right technology, but the right advice. “My tax affairs are quite complicated,” says Joseph, “so I need someone with the international expertise to handle that. And because I know I can trust PwC, that frees me up to focus on my job, knowing I have real professionals focusing on theirs.” 

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