Harnessing AI to pioneer new approaches to the audit



Business should not be limited by what’s humanly possible, and neither should the audit. 





Cash.ai represents a quantum leap in the use of technology in the audit, intelligently automating not just elements of the audit of cash but the whole end-to-end process. 

Cash.ai performs activities previously carried out by auditors with superhuman speed and accuracy. It takes audit quality and efficiency to a new level by standardising the approach and harnessing intelligent automation. 



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Cash.ai was named Audit Innovation of the Year 2019 by the International Accounting Bulletin - adding to our previous two awards for Halo and GL.ai

Cash.ai - driving audit quality, accuracy and reliability

PwC’s Cash.ai uses AI to automatically read, understand and test client documents, including reported cash balances, bank reconciliations, bank confirmation letters, foreign exchange and financial condition of the bank – in essence, the complete audit of cash. 

As well as improvements in quality and reliability, with the introduction of Cash.ai our clients will benefit from a more hassle-free, frictionless experience. 

Cash.ai was developed in partnership with a world-class Silicon valley AI company and Kaggle Grand Master data scientists.  It has been trialled in Sweden, Canada and the UK and is planned for broader use over the coming year. 


“Cash.ai demonstrates our commitment to investing in AI technologies to keep the audit fit for purpose and relevant for the future.”

Gary RapseyGlobal Assurance Chief Innovation Officer, PwC UK


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Sheridan Ash

Gary Rapsey

Global Assurance Chief Innovation Officer, PwC UK

Sheridan Ash

James Chalmers

Global Assurance Leader, PwC UK