The views of over 1000 European Union CEOs

Building green and digital transitions for a resilient EU economy

  • European Union CEOs in our survey are almost twice as likely as US CEOs to see a need to radically change their business
  • EU businesses are leading the way in response to climate change but aren’t investing in technology at the same pace

With 37% of European CEOs believing that their organisation will not survive more than a decade if it sticks to business as usual, there is appetite for change. How can policy makers take advantage of that?

Data drawn from PwC’s CEO Survey showcases the views of 1,254 EU CEOs from 20 member states and highlights where European business’ appetite for change is being translated into meaningful action that aligns with the EU’s wider agenda. By contrasting EU results with findings from the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, we can see the priorities of EU businesses in a wider global context; pointing out where Europe leads, and where it risks falling behind.

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