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Serving a wide range of clients
Clients: 2019 Global Annual Review

Our clients range from leading multinational companies, to small start ups, from family businesses and governments, to charities and private individuals. And they’re located in nearly every country in the world. While we serve a wide range of clients, we work more and more with private organisations as investors increasingly target the private sector.

We help each of them to understand their needs and priorities, build trust with their stakeholders, solve problems and create the value they need to be successful.

Our client base includes:

In the past year, we have served 200,000 clients, including more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses.

Looking at PwC’s total revenues in the past year, 73% came from clients served by multiple PwC firms, with the remainder being clients served by one firm, including governments and their agencies.

Global front office transformation

A critical component of our strategy is to evolve our approach to the market and the client experience, powered by technology and data. We have been implementing Salesforce – a global, cloud-based customer management system – across our network and now have 75,000+ users live in 19 PwC territories. While the technology is important, this programme has been about supporting our client relationships with cutting-edge technology and data.

Salesforce gives us a 360 degree view of our clients and deep insight into our businesses. This transformation is designed to help us collaborate more effectively, create a better client experience, help our people be more efficient, and drive data-led decisions.

Our goal is to use the combination of people and technology to be the most relevant organisation for our stakeholders and one of the most cloud-enabled organisations in the world. Read more.

Global and regional client bases - company indices/lists

Indices Audit clients Non audit client Companies not served
Fortune Global 500 31% 54% 15%
US Fortune 500 27% 59% 14%
S&P Europe 350 34% 59% 7%
FTSE 100 30% 60% 10%
S&P Asia 50 46% 32% 22%
S&P Latin America 40 30% 50% 20%

Audit clients include both sole and joint audits. Non-audit clients are those companies where PwC did not provide statutory audit services and where revenues exceeded US$500,000 in FY19

Global and regional client bases - company indices/lists

Clients of PwC firms as a percentage of the Fortune Global 500

Total client


Audit client: 0%

Audit clients include both sole and joint audits. Non-audit clients are those companies where PwC did not provide statutory audit services and where revenues exceeded US$500,000 in FY19

PwC doesn’t see a technology problem; it sees a business problem. PwC’s “reframing” approach for digital carries through to the firm’s AI practice: PwC doesn’t come to fix the plumbing but instead to transform a client.

The Forrester Wave
AI Consultancies, Q3 2019 report which cites PwC as a Leader

Helping clients deal with challenges and capitalise on opportunities

Around the world, our clients see many opportunities driven by technological advances and demographic changes, but also more challenges driven by growing complexity in areas like regulation and geopolitical events.

Our latest Global CEO Survey found that business leaders are increasingly concerned about threats outside their control such as trade conflicts and policy uncertainty. They are also contending with significant gaps in their own capabilities and finding the right talent, and many feel that they are struggling to extract the maximum value out of their client and market data.

It is our role to help clients deal with these challenges, anticipate and manage risks to growth, and help them capitalise on opportunities to innovate and expand. This includes helping clients use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence successfully and responsibly so they benefit both business and society. This is something we’re delighted to do for a large and growing number of organisations and individuals around the world.

We’re helping clients understand how best to pilot AI and automation, test it and gradually scale it in a responsible way that puts their people and their customers at the centre.

Elizabeth Ajayi
AI and Robotics Tech Lead,


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