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Our clients range from leading multinational companies to start ups, from family businesses and governments to charities and private individuals. And they’re located in nearly every country in the world.

From Beijing and Sydney, to London and Nairobi, to New York and São Paulo and beyond, we work with each of them to understand their needs, build trust with their stakeholders, solve problems and create the value they need to be successful.

In the past year, we have served over 204,000 clients, including more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses. Our client base includes 429 (86%) of the companies in the Fortune Global 500 list, 428 (86%) of the companies in the US Fortune 500 list, 39 (78%) of the companies in the S&P Asia 50 list, and 30 (75%) of those in the S&P Latin America 40 list.

Looking at PwC’s total revenues in the past year, 71% came from clients served by multiple PwC firms, with the remainder being clients served by one firm, including governments and their agencies.

Around the world, our clients see many opportunities driven by technological advances and expanding markets for goods and services and demographic changes like the rise of a global middle class. Clients also see more challenges, driven by rapid change and growing complexity in areas like regulation. Our latest Global CEO Survey found that business leaders are increasingly concerned about broader societal threats such as terrorism, geopolitical uncertainty, populism and climate change.

It is our role to help clients deal with these challenges, anticipate and manage risks to growth, and help them to capitalise on the many opportunities at their doorstep.

This is a job we’re proud to do for an ever-growing number of organisations and individuals around the world.


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Global and regional client bases - company indices/lists

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Clients of PwC firms as a percentage of the Fortune Global 500

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