My Genesis Park

PwC’s global leadership development programme has been designed to help you bridge the gap between the leader you are today and the leader you want to become.

Becoming a leader is a lifelong process which demands continuous improvement and focus. Research supports the need for leaders, if they are to become great leaders, to continue to learn and develop throughout their career. Continuous development isn’t as easy as it sounds though. You may know what you should be doing to improve your performance as a PwC Professional, but you’re short on time, energy or tools to move from knowledge to action. And as expectations of you increase, it becomes more difficult to take risks and try out new things on the job. On your way to partnership and global opportunities, now’s the time to increase your knowledge of PwC’s network, try out new approaches, understand better how you operate as a leader and what you might need to do differently in the future.

My Genesis Park (My GP), PwC’s global leadership development programme, has been designed to help you bridge the gap between the leader you are today and the leader you want to become. It provides the time and tools you need to be more self-aware of your current behaviours, mindsets and skills (knowing) and customise a personal development plan that will have immediate and visible impact on self, clients and teams (doing).

And by closing the gap between knowing and doing, My GP helps you identify, experiment with and (ultimately) internalise new behavioural knowledge and responses you’ll need to be a better leader; a leader who can lead themselves, others and PwC through an (ever more) uncertain, volatile, ambiguous and complex future.

At the end of the My GP development experience, you’ll understand what it means to live and lead in a truly authentic, resilient and responsible way, facing challenges more effectively than you ever thought possible. And your personal and professional impact will have increased exponentially.


My GP curriculum

Research shows that, to truly ground behavioural change and sustain growth, ongoing contact and focus is far more effective than a one-off intervention. Conceived as a 10-month journey, My GP is a tightly integrated experience that makes efficient use of your time.

The programme uses a blended-learning approach to help you become the best leader and 'you' you can be. This means a carefully and purposefully designed mix of face-to-face (residential) and virtual curriculum. The residential modules, including both plenary and group work, focus on deep self-discovery, trust-building and high performance team-building curriculum. The virtual modules are a blend of virtual team work and e-learning combined with regular coaching conversations, enabling you to practise further, perfecting what you’ve learned.


My GP is made up of three distinct phases:  Discover, Define and Differentiate.  Sitting within the three phases are eight individual modules, both virtual and residential. The content of each phase and its subsequent modules are building blocks, further expanding on and deepening your leadership knowledge and development—from leading self, to leading others, to leading the network and society.

The Discover Phase is primarily focused on (Leading) the Self, encouraging you to uncover in a conscious and meaningful way who you are as a whole individual / leader (at work, at home and in your wider life). The core foundation of this phase (and, in many ways, of the entire programme) comes from a number of diagnostics that allow you to look at yourself through many different lenses. Further exploration throughout this phase will bring to light what's important to you (values), the type of leader you want to be in the future, and what behaviours may be getting in the way of being the best ‘you’ you can be.

The Define Phase is primarily focused on broadening the Discover Phase and the impact not only on Self, but on others as well—teams, peers and clients. After discovering who you are, this phase is about defining how you’ll lead in a conscious and intentional way; comfortable with who you are as a whole leader and working through any challenges and barriers you’ve identified. And it's about being clear on what you stand for in the context of others and how this impacts them.

The Differentiate Phase is primarily focused on taking your leadership to the next level across our network and more broadly in society; being a responsible leader by role modeling and leading the way. And it’s about understanding and being able to appreciate the complexities of our network and how to navigate it to drive change in the complex and uncertain world we find ourselves in today.

Strategic projects are an over-arching, crucial, teaming element of the programme through which much of your learning is delivered and put into practise.  And you’ll work closely with the G500 programme (a development programme for key partners across the Network) on your project.

Project topics are generally commissioned by Network leadership and the Global Strategy leader and are in support of Vision 2020, PwC Purpose and Values. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with the G500 partners, Network sponsors and other thought leaders across the Network throughout the course of My GP – a valuable way to increase your network. You’ll also have the resource of previous My GP alumni to draw on who can share their experience of the Strategic Project. Projects relate directly to the strategy of PwC and are real projects with real Network impact and relevance. They’re also a catalyst to help you develop as a leader and increase your ability to think ‘big picture’. They help you lead and be part of a high performing team, encourage you to form a point of view, to live and role model the PwC Experience and to demonstrate the PwC Professional.

You’ll work closely with your Strategic Project sponsor throughout the programme and be coached by a Project Mentor, a partner drawn from the G500 programme. When complete, you’ll have the opportunity to share your project findings with your territory and business leadership and perhaps apply those elements that are relevant to your local strategic priorities.

Coaching is an integral part of the My GP programme and is key to your development. What this means for you is development coaching that is holistic, strengths-based, business-focused and grounded in accurate and timely feedback. Whether formal and structured or informal and in-the-moment, you'll receive coaching on an individual, team and peer basis.

Specifically, you'll receive coaching and feedback from:

  • A Partner Coach (PC)--from your home practise--who will help you build your Individual Development Plan (IDP), which you'll use as the foundation for your unique My GP development experience. Following the programme, your PC will help you execute your broader 3 - 5 year career plan.
  • An Executive Coach (EC) who will focus on providing support to facilitate moving from knowing to doing and positive challenge and insights to help accelerate your leadership development.
  • A Project Mentor, who will work with your team on the content and output of your assigned project.
  • Peer Coaches--your project team members--who will provide on-going and timely feedback throughout your working time together.

The My GP learning enablers fuel your leadership transformation and play out in every element of your development experience. They drive your personal learning strategy and will empower you as you develop and lead others in the future.

Intellectual Curiosity: Discovering a different way of being and thinking, and investing your time and energy into learning more about people, places, things and concepts.

Storytelling: Learning how to thoughtfully and strategically craft stories, as well as how to interpret the stories of others.

Reflection: Stopping and pausing to enhance and deepen your learning.

Environment: Understanding how to benefit from and be inspired by the space you're in as much as from the practical learning you'll experience.

Coaching and Feedback: Focusing on strengths-based philosophies and techniques best suited to accelerate your development and transformation.

Culture: Understanding cultures other than your own in a way that benefits you as a future global leader. Learning in a way that is vibrant, fun, stimulating and fascinating. Speaking in a way that is grateful and appreciative. Working in a way that is both energised and energising.

Challenge: Learning through real, intensive work, not role play.

Personal Learning Strategy: Using the above learning enablers to create an individualized plan for your career, and bringing intention to executing it throughout and beyond the My GP programme.


Building social capital

Effective leaders know the importance of a strong professional and personal network—the social capital they’ve built throughout their careers and will continue to build into the future. My GP provides you with an opportunity to grow your network; to surround yourself with a community that will likely be one of the most extensive and far-reaching you've ever been part of.

Historically, My GP classes become very tight-knit communities who stay deeply connected and continue to collaborate long after the programme. Your classmates will be a significant resource for you, providing new business solutions for your clients when needed. What you learn from each other, during and after My GP, will be an invaluable source of cultural knowledge, mentoring and inspiration.

You'll also build lasting relationships with the My GP Faculty team whose goal is to help you move from knowing to doing. To do so, they'll lead you through each phase as well as help you transition from one phase to another and understand how you can have immediate impact using what you’ve learned. The Faculty are PwC professionals with extensive subject matter expertise across a range of areas.

Throughout My GP, you'll have the opportunity to meet, network with and learn from global and territory leaders. Whether LoS/Business Unit/Industry Leader or Territory Senior Partner, they come to share the stories of their own road to leadership. Often deeply personal accounts, you'll find their experiences, insights and knowledge of navigating the network both inspirational and aspirational.

With an instant connection through the experience you share, you'll find benefit in the inherent relationship you'll have with this community as well. My GP alumni have made a significant impact on our business, for our clients and in their communities. The programme alumni are a vast network to draw upon when seeking better solutions, commercial advice or global perspectives for your clients.


Programme eligibility

My GP isn't for everyone. If you've proven it will add value to your personal development and the experience you deliver to your clients and to PwC as a whole, then it's for you. You must be nominated by your territory leadership team, based on your performance and potential to become global leaders in the future, as well as meet the following criteria:

  • You're in the top 2-5% of PwC’s highest performing, high potential Senior Managers / Directors
  • You're a Senior Manager / Director who is 2-4 years from your anticipated partnership admission date at the time of nomination
  • You have a career track where you are / will be serving global client accounts or working in key cross-territory or global roles
  • You demonstrate that you're already having an impact on the business, are committed to PwC, can stretch to meet challenges and can learn quickly.

Your territory leadership team will review all possible candidates and make final selections on whom to nominate for the programme. Typically, territories formalise their nominations between August and October for the following year’s programme. Final participant selections will be announced in December.

For more information on your territory's nomination process, please contact your local HR Representative.

  • FAQs

  • When do the three residential modules take place?

    Although exact dates vary slightly by year, My GP’s residential modules generally take place as follows:

    - Residential I: End April – Mid-May
    - Residential II: Mid-July – Mid-August
    - Residential III: October

    Exact dates for these modules are communicated to participants each year upon being notified of their selection to the programme.

  • Where do the programme’s residential modules take place?

    Each year, My GP seeks to hold its residential modules in commercially-relevant locations, which espouse the culture of the area in a rich way. As an example, previous residential module locations have included Shanghai, Marseille, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Warsaw, Singapore and Toronto.

    Exact locations for the programme’s residential sessions are communicated to participants at the beginning of the programme (typically in the February timeframe).

  • Who pays for the programme? What does it cost?

    Programme tuition fees are covered by your territory and include all of the necessary costs to attend (eg curriculum/diagnostics, accommodation, visa, flights). The exact cost is confidential and not publicised, however it does represent a significant investment in your personal and professional development.

  • Who can attend?

    My GP is designed for high-performing, high-potential Sr. Managers/Directors. For more information on the exact criteria, please click here.

  • What is the application process?

    Typically, identification of potential candidates (managed by in-territory talent councils) begins during the August timeframe of the year prior to the programme run (eg August 2016 for the 2017 programme). Final applications are due to My GP by the end of October the year prior. Selected candidates are notified in early December of the year prior.

    If you're interested in My GP and are eligible to attend, please contact your local HR Representative for more information on your territory's nomination process.

  • Can I nominate myself for the programme?

    There is no self-nomination for the My GP programme. Nominations are made at the territory level by Territory Talent Councils. If you're interested in My GP and are eligible to attend, please contact your local HR Representative for more information on your territory's nomination process.

  • Are there any prerequisite courses?

    There are no required prerequisite courses for the programme. You should, however, be relatively proficient in English if you're a non-native speaker as the programme is delivered in English.

  • What do you mean by diagnostics?

    Much of the programme's curriculum is centred around in-depth assessment tools that consider, among others, your strengths, effectiveness and skills as a leader and your behavioural preferences.

  • What technology does the programme use?

    My GP uses PwC-approved technology for programme curriculum and logistical information. Among others, this includes Spark, PwC Live (an event schedule app powered by SpotMe) and an external MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) online learning platform.

  • How much time should I commit to each module?

    Module 1 (Virtual): Approximately 2 hours per week on average
    Module 2 (Residential): 100% of your time
    Module 3 (Virtual): Approximately 1/2 day per week on average*
    Module 4 (Virtual): Approximately 1/2 day per week on average*
    Module 5 (Residential): 100% of your time
    Module 6 (Virtual): Approximately 2-3 hours per week on average*
    Module 7 (Virtual): Approximately 2-3 hours per week on average*
    Module 8 (Residential): 100% of your time

    * This timing only represents the on-average commitment during official working hours. You’re likely to spend additional personal time on your strategic project work.

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