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PwC’s Code of Conduct

PwC’s Code of Conduct sets out what’s expected of us. It outlines our core principles—integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behaviour. It shows how we should turn principles into actions and holds us accountable to always give our best. Watch the film to learn.

00:03:00 The Code of Conduct. 

00:06:00 It’s about all of us at PwC.

00:10:00 About what we do, collectively and individually, 

00:1600 and what we don’t.


00:19:00 It’s about the values that define us.

00:21:00 How we work, as people and as professionals.


00:26:00 How we treat each other.

00:28:00 How this is a safe space 

00:30:00 to speak up, to raise questions or concerns, 

00:33:00 knowing they’ll be taken seriously.


00:36:00 At PwC, we help create solutions

00:44:00 to solve some of the world’s important problems.

00:47:00 That brings responsibility

00:50:00 to each other, to our clients, and to the wider world.


00:54:00 We don’t always get it right, 

00:56:00 but the Code of Conduct sets out what’s expected of us and holds us accountable.


01:02:00 What we do, day to day, as individuals and together, matters.

01:15:00 Our culture – the sum of the actions and the choices we make. 

01:21:00 A guide to live by

01:23:00 our Code.

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Laurie  Endsley

Laurie Endsley

Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, PwC United States