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PwC Ireland’s Women in Tech network is bringing together business and technology services to help women working in technology at the firm to develop as strong leaders, add value to their teams and clients and achieve their career goals.

Women in Tech network

From coding apps to leading tech companies, women are becoming more visible in every aspect of the technology world. 

While women have traditionally been underrepresented in the technology field, they are making their presence felt in a big way with more women than ever before choosing the technology industry as a pathway to career success. The face of technology is changing thanks to initiatives like PwC Ireland’s Women in Tech network, which champions growth and development through a supportive network that empowers, educates and mentors women.

Born over a cup of coffee between two colleagues, the idea behind bringing the initiative to PwC Ireland was in response to a noticeable gender gap in technology roles in the organisation, a common trend across all industries. 

While great strides have been made, women still face a number of challenges when entering, as well as staying, in the technology sector. PwC Ireland’s Women in Tech network is taking action by fostering an inclusive environment and providing opportunities for development. Its four foundational pillars, Advance, Develop, Retain and Attract guide Women in Tech as they address both the pipeline and progression of women in technology careers by developing a diverse leadership structure, encouraging continuous career development within the firm, hosting regular networking events and championing targeted recruitment campaigns to attract experienced applicants, graduates and interns.

Recognising that early intervention is important for encouraging women to consider technology as a career option, PwC Ireland is also delivering ‘Tech We Can’. It is a programme developed by UK charity Tech She Can which consists of free learning materials to encourage school children, particularly girls, to see the possibilities that a career in technology can bring.

Through the network’s unique combination of business and technology services, women working in technology at PwC Ireland can develop as strong leaders, add value to their teams and their clients and achieve their individual career goals.

“I'm proud to be empowering and inspiring women to feel that they have a place and can succeed in the digital world.”

Kevina Cleary,Manager, PwC Ireland (Republic of) and Women in Tech network lead

The Results

By connecting women with other female role models working in technology, PwC Ireland has seen an increase in female applicants for digital roles with feedback from a number of the applicants indicating the active Women in Tech network attracted them to PwC. 

Women in Tech continually expands its learning and development opportunities. It recently launched its Tech 101 series, which offers informal sessions to everyone in the network to learn more about various technology topics. The network also hosts regular podcasts within the firm where they hold panel discussions with female and male leaders both from within PwC and from other outside organisations.

With male allies at all levels of the firm, a key component to the success of diversity, PwC Ireland’s Women in Tech has grown from just two women brainstorming over coffee to a network of approximately 500 women and men across the firm. 

Active Women in Technology networks have been established across PwC firms globally, including Argentina, Germany, Mexico, the Middle East, the Philippines, the UK and the US. Many of PwC’s other firms are addressing the underrepresentation of women in the technology field in dynamic ways, such as PwC Australia’s “Here to Stay” campaign, which aims to redefine the narrative of women in the cyberspace and technology workforce.

These initiatives are successfully increasing the number of women in technology, adding essential diversity to the sector and helping inspire the next generation.


“Delighted to be a sponsor for this inspiring initiative and extremely proud of all that Alana and the team have achieved to date. Looking forward to the next chapter on this important and worthwhile journey.”

Andrea Kelly,Asset and Wealth Management Partner, PwC Ireland

“WIT is one of the best initiatives I have seen over many years in PwC - the support it receives amongst both female and male colleagues is palpable - it makes a real positive difference to our D&I agenda and more broadly to our overall culture in the Firm locally.”

Ciaran Kelly,Advisory Consulting Partner, PwC Ireland
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