A successful career through a circle of support

Diego Jimenez, Global LAN MIM LAN Process Manager and Senior Associate System Administrator, PwC Chile

As a successful electronic engineer and networking specialist at PwC Chile, Diego Jiminez’s disability hasn’t stopped him from accomplishing his dreams. 

Diego had always hoped to join the PwC family after observing his sister’s successful career at PwC. While he was applying for a role at the firm in 2019, Diego’s life was changed in both the best and worst ways. At the same time that he was offered his dream job at PwC Chile, Diego was involved in a life changing car accident, leaving him with a physical disability that limited his mobility.

Never considering his disability as a hindrance, Diego persevered and decided to continue with his plan to join the firm. This meant moving from his home in Venezuela to Chile, which added an additional layer of uncertainty as he would be a nonnative at work. Despite his apprehension about how his disability and nationality would be received at work, Diego felt overwhelming support.

From the start, the firm worked closely with him to understand his needs. For example, he was given a parking permit within a week, which otherwise often takes two to three years to secure. This was an important accommodation for Diego, signalling that the firm was committed to helping him do his best work.

Diego’s disability doesn’t define him at work. As someone who loves a challenge, it’s important that he’s given the opportunity to tackle complex projects. In fact, he recently completed a national cloud migration project, the result of two years of intense work. PwC Chile has created an environment in which Diego is able to be independent from his condition, which makes him feel empowered. To Diego, the culture of Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) at PwC is very real, he appreciates that he is treated the same as his team and colleagues and is able to work without dwelling on differences.

“I'm improving and advancing my career at PwC despite my physical disability. I want others with my same condition to know that you can do anything you want.”

Despite all that he has been through, Diego strives to lead by example. He is working to demonstrate leadership and be a role model in his own right, proving that at PwC anything is within reach with hard work and determination.

Diego appreciates that PwC is delivering on its commitment to I&D. His experience is proof that PwC’s dedication to creating an inclusive environment is unlocking the potential of its diverse community of solvers and helping people with disabilities bring their unique perspectives and talents to the workplace. 

“Before my accident, I heard about diversity and inclusion. But at PwC, it’s real, it’s not just something we speak about. It’s being put into practice.”

Diego loves to play paddle during the weekends. He was close to being a professional tennis player when younger but as a result of his disability he prefers to play paddle now. Paddle tennis is a game adapted from tennis; the court is smaller and played with a solid paddle as opposed to a strung racquet. He loves that he gets to play with the same type of ball as in tennis.  

LIGHTNING ROUND: quick questions and quick answers

From your experience, how do you sum up Inclusion & Diversity at PwC?

Real. It’s not just something we speak about, it’s something we put into practice.

What should others know about PwC’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity?

The best way to experience it is just to work here. 

Diego Jimenez
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