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PwC France is promoting diversity and equal opportunity

At PwC France, there is a harmonious collaboration between people and technology

Diversidays is dedicated to identifying and promoting talents in digital professions and companies who are underrepresented or discriminated against, irrespective of their social, cultural, or geographical backgrounds, differences, or age.

That’s why PwC France is collaborating with Diversidays. Together they assist entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to develop and implement their innovative digital projects. Additionally, they are supporting new talent to develop their digital skills.

How we helped

The collaboration between PwC France and Diversidays encompasses two main aspects:

  1. Measuring and Enhancing Inclusion and Diversity within Companies
    • In 2021, PwC France and Diversidays worked together to develop a statement on the level of diversity measurement within companies.
    • In 2022, they collaborated on a measure of Inclusion and Diversity within Startups.
    • In 2023, PwC France contributed to the creation of a “diversity clause” to be included by investors in shareholders’ agreements.
  2. Involving PwC France Teams in Volunteering
    Teams from PwC France volunteer to coach and mentor entrepreneurs from minority groups. Professionals from PwC share their expertise in areas such as financial advice and strategy development, assisting entrepreneurs in building their business cases and preparing their pitches for future investors.


The partnership with Diversidays aligns with PwC’s Resilient Communities focus area, “New world. New skills.”, which is focused on enhancing people’s comprehension of the digital world and providing them with the necessary skills to excel in it.

To date, the Diversidays programmes, which aim to tackle the challenges of digital upskilling, ensure equal opportunities for all, develop strategic skills, and support local businesses, have assisted 10,000 individuals and backed 350 entrepreneurs since 2017.

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