Chileincluye - Helping Immigrants in Chile

Setting the scene

In recent years, the percentage of immigrants in Chile has increased considerably. Since year 2000, Chile’s immigrant population has increased from 1% to 5% in 2018. The cause of this immigration increase can be attributed to regional conflict and economic instability in countries like Venezuela and Haiti as well as international conflicts in Syria and its surrounding region. Despite being a long journey from their home countries, Chile’s economic and political stability has turned it into an attractive destination for families seeking to start a new and better life.

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At PwC Chile we are working to promote interculturality as a fundamental value. A project of the #ChileIncluye initiative and our alliance with Fundación Interpreta | Duration 04:00


What is PwC doing to help? 

PwC Chile is working to improve the often-daunting experience of immigrants arriving in Chile for the first time. Through a joint effort with local NGOs, the UN and enterprises, PwC Chile is finding solutions to the most complex issues faced by immigrants as they adjust to life in a foreign country. 

Channeled through the PwC-founded program, “#Chileincluye”, the initiative involves collaboration between private enterprise and the NGO sector. This collaborative approach aligns to “SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals” and is the biggest alliance of its kind in the country.

This collaborative group, led by PwC Chile, began by putting together three apps (T-Zen, Salam, and Yo Migro) to give immigrants access to the most relevant information about the country in their own language and for free. These apps have assisted more than 15,000 users so far, and they are being promoted by the Chilean Government.

PwC Chile is also leading the development of a health project designed to assist doctors in local health institutions when treating non-Spanish speaking patients. The project is aimed to improve diagnosis accuracy and proper prescription of medication, seeking to reduce the number of patients in low-income health centers. The first language to be launched will be in creole, for Haitian residents.

Through #Chileincluye, the firm is also leading the incorporation of an online job platform that will facilitate the access to formal work for refugees and migrants.

Finally, but probably the more significant project so far, is the development of the first social franchise in Chile under which refugees can start their own food business. The pilot is being implemented in PwC offices in Santiago, and after three months, it could be implemented in other companies. This project has been specially design to promote cultural exchange within work, incentive immigrant’s endeavor and the learning of the local language.

Our Impact

The project has already seen huge success, transforming bureaucratic processes, facilitating access to information and providing training for work access. Most importantly, the main motivator of all projects is promoting cultural exchange and integration.


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Bethan Grillo

Bethan Grillo

Global Corporate Sustainability Managing Director, PwC United Kingdom