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PwC France is helping to build an equal and inclusive digital society

Setting the scene

Our world today is undeniably reliant on digital technology. New technologies and new business models are being created which require innovative ideas to build an inclusive and better world.

PwC supports an inclusive culture by acknowledging the unique experiences and perspectives that each individual brings to the table. An inclusive environment is key to seeing people’s potential, innovating and solving important problems.

That’s why PwC France is collaborating with Diversidays. Together they assist entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to develop and implement their innovative projects. Additionally, they are supporting new talent to help them grow their digital skills, as one way for them to pursue their dreams of building a better and more inclusive digital world.

How we helped

The collaboration involves teams from PwC France participating in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs from Ile-de-France a north-central region of France.

Entrepreneurs are selected to receive coaching and mentoring, based on their social impact strategies and their technology and digital skills. The entrepreneurs represent minority groups such as LGBT+ and individuals with disabilities.

Professionals from PwC France volunteer their time to share their skills such as financial advice and strategy development.

During coaching and mentoring sessions PwC volunteers challenged the entrepreneurs thinking on different subjects such as:

  • Business model strategy for impact
  • Business development strategy
  • Positioning strategy
  • Design for startups

The PwC France team members worked alongside the entrepreneurs throughout the programme, helping them to adapt to the subjects and apply content relevant to their needs. Entrepreneurs can have a tendency to move and respond quickly, the programme and the PwC France trainers needed to match this working style to deliver content that was engaging and relevant for the entrepreneurs.

At the end of their training at the PwC France Experience Center, entrepreneurial candidates were able to pitch their projects in front of a judging panel composed of representatives from Diversidays, investors and French personalities from the digital ecosystem. The presentations gave the entrepreneurs an opportunity to profile their ideas to a panel of investors and build a broader network.

As an extension to the collaboration with Diversidays, Agnès Husher, PwC France’s Clients, Market & Innovation Leader proudly became an active member of the benevolence committee of Diversidays, which provides the PwC France team with unique insights into the needs of Diversidays and the entrepreneurs it supports.

PwC Diversidays


The collaboration with Diversidays supports PwC’s global New world. New skills. initiative, which is concerned with deepening people’s understanding of the digital world as well as equipping them with the skills to thrive within it. The collaboration also aligns with PwC’s existing community ambition to help maximise the potential of 15 million people, NGOs and social and micro enterprises by 2022.

So far, the Diversidays programme, which is helping to address the challenges of digital upskilling, equal opportunities for all, building strategic skills and supporting local businesses has seen 500 participants move through to the final judging panel with 22 individual entrepreneurs being coached and mentored by PwC France professionals.

PwC Diversidays 2

“With this commitment to equal opportunities in the digital world, PwC France aims to contribute to the skills development of people who may be left behind in developing the skills they need for the digital world.”

Agnès Hussher, Clients, Market & Innovation Leader, PwC France.

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