Analytics Apps

PwC’s Analytics Apps are platforms we develop to enable our clients to solve a specific problem or validate a new opportunity. By combining a unique data model, set of analytical algorithms and visualisation tools, we can enable our clients to test and learn different scenarios with their own data assets. PwC's investment in a multitude of apps arms our consultants with powerful analytics tools to give our clients speed to insights.

Another benefit of working with PwC is your access to our data library, housing a wide array of information across multiple industries. When combined with your data assets, we can paint a clearer picture of the opportunities available to you or the risks you need to mitigate. Either way, making a decision just became easier.

A sampling of analytics apps we employ to help your organization gain intelligence in the moment

DemandEstimator: Customer demand

Not too long ago, a company could create demand for its products or services through mass marketing. Today, commoditisation, along with proliferation in marketing channels and competition, makes it very difficult for a firm to capture the customer’s attention, let alone create demand. Both B2C and B2B firms have the same challenge: to find new pockets of demand and to develop a targeted approach to market and sell to that demand. PwC DemandEstimator maps demand both geospatially and against behavioural customer segments to identify where customers reside, the products they buy, and the appropriate channel to reach them.

ExperienceNavigator: Customer differentiated experience

Customers’ expectations change at an unprecedented pace. Companies continually measure the pulse of the customer—needs, preferences, attitudes, behaviours and satisfaction with their experiences. Identifying the key dimensions of customer experience, and how different customer segments value the different dimensions, can help companies design experiences that appeal to specific segments on the dimensions they value most. PwC ExperienceNavigator analytic app analyses and then quantifies the resulting effects on product adoption and profits.

GrowthRadar: Profitable growth in uncertain, changing times

Companies want to grow both locally within their own countries and regions, and internationally, far from their home base. They may seek fast-growing new segments in countries where they already do business, or in high-growth emerging markets. PwC GrowthRadar identifies markets of interest, and it simulates market expansion alternatives under different socio-economic and political circumstances to guide the design and evaluation of different growth strategies.

SocialMind: Social media listening

Having a marketing presence on the major social media platforms is not enough to ensure marketing success. As social media usage has grown and matured, the impact it can have on brands – positive or negative – is enormous. PwC SocialMind is a social media listening and analytic app that helps companies learn what customers are saying about them and their competitors. It monitors consumer sentiment so companies can intervene when needed.