Get well programme

PwC’s Get Well Programme for telecom operators’ capex operations adopts a three phase approach to enable operators to quickly identify what are the root causes for their capex challenges and how their business needs to not just fix them but thrive.

1. Diagnostic overview
First we perform a diagnostic on your current operations exploring your decision making, your accountability model and your capex controls.

2. Review against industry benchmarks
Our next step is to review your business against our proprietary data set of global operators’ practices. Our best practice benchmarking guide provides a scorecard of capex management excellence based on interviews with over 30 global operators. Our study of ~90 operators over the last decade enables you to perform a quantities gap analysis against relevant industry peers.

3. Identify target outcomes
Finally we work with you to build a roadmap to improved performance at three, six and 12 months+ milestones. Our 3 month outcomes focus on quick wins and establishing the required workstreams to realise the value from superior capex management. At six months we can typically deliver a working capital planning tool and delivery framework that identified the hidden drivers and destroyers of value by key commercial levers.