Pathfinder™ Solutions

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Supporting companies expanding across borders

PwC Pathfinder™ teams manage and solve the numerous issues involved in a foreign expansion abroad or into Canada.

  • Identify the appropriate structure (e.g., branch, joint venture, partnership)
  • Determine economic incentives
  • Review sales taxes (VAT, GST) and/or customs duties issues
  • Analyze human resource issues (e.g. employment law, immigration, benefits planning, payroll)
  • Establish an international assignment policy
  • Resolve international funding issues (e.g. profit repatriation, foreign exchange controls, transfer pricing and thin capitalization)

Set-Up Solutions

  • Complete incorporation, including registration of a branch/place of business
  • Facilitate the opening of corporate bank accounts
  • Assist with industry-specific regulatory issues, financial regulations, telecom licensing, collective bargaining agreements
  • Register for sales tax (VAT/GST), employer and employee social security, corporate tax and other fiscal responsibilities
  • Comply with employer responsibilities (e.g. set-up and registration of payrolls, statutory insurances, drafting of employment contracts)
  • Resolve employee issues (e.g. work permits/visas, employee benefits, recruitment)
  • Locate and secure office premises
  • Register and advise on data protection and privacy issues
  • Arrange back-office functions (e.g. bookkeeping, production of management accounts, payroll)
  • Protect intellectual property rights, including trademarks and patents
  • Establish treasury activities and local cash management procedures

Continuing Solutions

  • Monitor employee issues (e.g. work permits, visa requirements, dispensation/concessions from local tax authorities)
  • Create employment manuals
  • Comply with local requirements (e.g. income tax returns, sales tax returns, employee-related returns reporting annual salaries, withholding taxes and benefits)
  • Complete returns to industry-specific regulatory bodies and statutory disclosure
  • Satisfy statutory audit requirements for the parent and subsidiary

The Pathfinder™ process is tailored to the specific needs of each individual business. The scale of the project will depend on the magnitude of the expansion and the level of co-ordination support required.

It should be noted that where solutions are not available within PwC, we can assist by coordinating and managing solutions referred to third parties.

For more information or to find out how Pathfinder™ can help your company go cross border, please contact us.