Forensic Technology Services

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Discovery, recovery and analysis of electronic data

Properly handling large amounts of electronic information is one of the biggest challenges facing any organization today. The proper management of information is important for the day-to-day operations and long-term strategy of your business, but it is even more important when you need to access certain information for the purpose of internal investigations, litigations and/or in complying with regulatory and other legal requirements.

How PwC can help

Our Forensics Technology Solutions (FTS) team does far more than just forensics. We can help you analyze vast quantities of structured and unstructured information to assist with the analysis and resolution of your business issues, be it finding of the truth through e-discovery, analysing data to support business decisions, resolving software compliance issues, or using digital forensics to detect fraud.

In addition to the technical skills and investigative mindset required for data analysis, our team is experienced in the forensic preservation and analysis of electronic evidence. Our trained professionals can help you establish and maintain the chain-of-custody of the digital media and help to protect the integrity and evidentiary value of the data for its admissibility in court.

Our FTS team offers the following core services:

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