Automation: A resilient way to operate business in the new normal

February 23, 2021

This article first appeared on Linkedin.

In 2019, I published an article on Arabian Business titled “Rise of the 'bots' to take over office tasks” (Link: . I talked extensively about “why” and “how” the demand for automation has come about. It is fair to say 2020 was a year to remember (or forget) and perhaps many lessons have been learned by business leaders.

Across the Middle East, many organsations have accelerated the conversation around automation to maximize/optimize the workforce; build resilience to “zero disruption”; add 24 hours/day, 365 days/year capacity to perform mundane tasks and make room for more value-added, strategic activities.

Disruption caused by digital transformation seems to be more accepted in light of the pain business operations went through in 2020. The conflict between “need to automate” and “want to automate” seem to have been eroded and businesses are now moving forward to become more digital and automated.

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As trusted advisors to business leaders in the Middle East, I have several management level conversations per week. Time and time again, a consistent set of questions are being asked:

  • What should our overall strategy and roadmap be?
  • Are we focussing in the right areas?
  • What are the benefits and payback?
  • Which technology is right for us?
While the deeper answer to these questions would require several weeks of diagnostic and discovery, there are some simple assessments that business leaders can do themselves to give an indication. I have designed and built our Automation Readiness Assessment (ARA) within our Digital Trust Manager platform (Link: This is available to all businesses in the Middle East to help management take the first step in the automation journey. Life is about people you meet and things you create with them. I hope you find this helpful.

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