Risk Assurance

Leading companies see risk management as an integral part of how they manage their business to protect value and drive performance.

Risk assurance services help companies to do business with confidence by identifying, measuring and managing risk more effectively. Our approach centres on providing advice and assurance that is focused on each client's individual challenges.

PwC can help in the following three key areas:

  • Confident performance: We build a thorough understanding of risk to improve a company's ability to achieve its business ambitions.
  • Confident processes: We help make business processes more reliable by taking a practical approach to risk.
  • Confident communications: We help companies to enhance their reputation through more reliable and transparent corporate communication.

Potential issues

  • Regulation is putting you under pressure to present your risks in a transparent way and demonstrate how you are managing them
  • You are not confident that risks within your organisation are properly identified and controlled
  • You are challenged by increased organisational complexity and need confidence in the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your internal control system
  • You are considering how risk management can be used to drive performance improvement
  • Non-financial regulations are driving you to build dynamic control frameworks that provide more than financial compliance
  • Your change projects are failing to deliver benefits and exposing you to risk

We help our clients:

  • Understand risk in a holistic way - identify both financial and operational risks and analyse their impact in a strategic context
  • Manage risk - informed suggestions on improving the risk management framework and ensuring this is correctly positioned within wider governance
  • Manage complexity - enhance understanding of key controls to enable companies to standardise and simplify processes, and create more aligned organisations
  • Drive high performance - demonstrate how the same levers that are used to manage risk can deliver business benefits
  • Reduce compliance costs - advise on an integrated and efficient approach to regulatory compliance
  • Protect and enhance reputation - advise on how to communicate effectively and reliably with stakeholders

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