Cyber Impact bootcamp

A hands-on training platform developed by Army Veterans of the Elite Cyber-Intelligence Unit of The Israeli Defense Forces

Take the first step toward a thriving career in the Cybersecurity Industry with our Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp, developed by Veterans of Unit 8200, The Elite Cyber-Intelligence Unit of The Israeli Defense Forces.

Why A Career In Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the most in-demand career across the technology industry.

About the program

The Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp at PwC powered by ThriveDx is an accelerated program which is developed by Veterans of Unit 8200, The Elite Cyber-Intelligence Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. This program is developed around military training methodologies and It focuses more on hands-on practice than on theory and combines the best features of online and in-class teaching. 


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Who is it for?

This program is crafted for individuals with little or no background in IT

School Leaver  

Non - IT Graduates 

Non -  IT Professionals

IT Graduates wanting to move to a career in Cybersecurity

IT Professionals who want to move to Cybersecurity

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Note : School leavers will have to pass an aptitude test consisting of English reading proficiency, basic math and logic skills

Participants with a good level of IT knowledge may receive Exemptions to Some Modules

Why it works?

Developed by the Elite Cyber-Intelligence Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces , our Bootcamp teaches you the key skills sought by employers through the following:


Our Bootcamp is a streamlined curriculum focused on teaching you the specific skills you need for the job market.

You get the best of both in person and self-paced learning. Our facilitator will support your learning experience while our online platform allows you to work at your own pace.

ThriveDX Impact is an official partner of CertNexus and provides graduates with opportunity to take the CFR and Security+ certification exams at a special discounted price.

You will practice your technical skills with over 60 unique labs and over 100 different exercises

You’ll learn essential soft skills like teamwork and interview prep. When you graduate, you will also be connected to a cyber network and community.

Why Cyber Impact Bootcamp?

3 months

For only LKR 450,000 we offer a top of the class program brought to you by the Cybersecurity experts from Israel where as other programs in the country require around 1-2 million.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp is only for a duration of 3 months where you can fast track yourself to a Cybersecurity expert but other programs offered in the country takes around 2 to 3 years.

450 LKR
guaranteed internship

Post Completion - participants will get a guaranteed Internship with PwC Cybersecurity Practice

The unique program PwC and ThriveDX offers will be focusing on how we can build competent cyber security professionals at scale which in turn can help protect local organizations from cyber security attacks and build talent pools that can provide cyber security services globally.

Haresh Perera,  Digital Transformation Leader at PwC Sri Lanka

These Bootcamps will give students access to the most innovative and leading-edge education and training solutions, while also giving companies access to more diverse talent that is currently missing in the workforce, We’re proud to partner with PwC to tackle cybersecurity’s two greatest threats: the global talent shortage and growing technical skills gap.

Roy Zur, ThriveDX

Internship with PwC Cybersecurity Team

Gain an unique opportunity to put your knowledge into practice by joining the internship program at the PwC Cybersecurity team. Cybersecurity is one of our strongest pillars that has a diverse portfolio of solutions tailored to assist organizations protect themselves from cyber attacks. Our clients include an unparalleled list of the country’s leading banking and finance institutes, telecommunication service providers, healthcare service providers, software development companies and multinational conglomerates. 

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Working with PwC’s Cybersecurity team will get you an opportunity in your career to get exposed to the following areas:

Threat and Vulnerability Management IT Strategy and Governance
Cloud Transformation Information Security Management
Red team assessment Business Continuity Management
Information Security Architecture Privacy and data protection
Source code review Third Party Risk Assessment
Business Application Security Security awareness and education
Application Information Technology User management and access provisioning reviews
User Access Review Identity storage and data integration
Functionality Gap Analysis infrastructure review
Post Implementation Review ISMS Implementation
Functional Requirement Documentation Social Engineering
Vendor Evaluation IT Governance Managed Services
Application Control Review Cloud Security Review
Thrive dx

About our Partner

The ThriveDX team is composed of former military cyber experts,Veterans of Unit 8200, industry professionals, and educators united under the vision of creating a safer digital world through education, training, and collaboration.

ThriveDX combines traditional and modern learning methods, leading-edge research, and practical experience. Designed by industry leaders and taught by experts, our market-based curriculum allows learners to authentically engage with the material while developing the in-demand skills and experiences sought by top employers, educational institutions, and businesses worldwide.



Will candidates have to take a pre-assessment or quiz to be accepted?

School leavers will face an English reading proficiency, basic math and logic skills test. The training mainly consists of working in labs on practical scenarios so participants will need to be motivation to learn in an accelerated environment.

I have no prior background in cybersecurity, but I am passionate about it. Can I participate in the Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Yes! The Bootcamp requires no prior cybersecurity knowledge or experience. While it is not a requirement, a background in technology can be an advantage.

IT Graduates and Professionals based on their knowledge may have exemptions from certain courses.


How is it possible to learn cybersecurity in only three months?

The Bootcamp was developed under the principle of “everything you need to know but only what you need to know". ThriveDX’s accelerated learning methodology – based on military Boot Camps – focuses on teaching you the specific skills to hit the ground running in the cyber industry.

What is the format of the Bootcamp?

The full time Bootcamp is comprised of 480 hours of best in class content, delivered 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, over 3 months. Keep in mind, we all learn at different speeds and you may find some topics require more or less time. As such, the platform will be available to you 24/7.

After the course, will I be able to apply for jobs overseas?

Participants will be Guaranteed an internship position with PwC’s Cybersecurity practice. However skills in cybersecurity are universal, therefore, after you graduate from the course, you can apply for positions anywhere in the world.

Is the Bootcamp self-paced?

At the beginning of each day, you will receive daily learning objectives from your facilitator. During the day, you will learn at your own pace on the ThriveDX Platform. At the end of the day, you will regroup with your cohort and facilitator for another session to consolidate the day’s learning.

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