One platform. One approach. Built around you.

We’ve transformed how we deliver Tax & Legal services, globally. Our human-led, tech-powered way of working helps you stay ahead.

A new standard for client experience

At PwC, we are shaping a better way to work, so you can take on uncertainty and navigate complexity. Powered by a human-led, tech-powered way of working, our integrated global delivery model transforms how we deliver all of our Tax & Legal services. 

From powerful collaboration across global projects to transforming and standardising processes across our whole network, we unlock actionable insights in your data and save you time.

And through this new approach, our digitally empowered teams work with data in new ways to create greater value for your business.

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One platform. One approach.

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Explore the benefits for you

Future-ready teams

You will work with a workforce that is tomorrow-ready today. Our fully digitally upskilled teams combine the right mix of skills, tools and techniques to bring the innovative solutions your business needs to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Intelligent insights, greater value

Your dedicated PwC resources will help you spotlight potential red flags and improvement areas, visualise previously hidden opportunities and make the most of your data.

Always consistent

You will work with a unified, consistent PwC approach — one data request, one technology — that is easy to follow and saves you time.

Globally transparent. Peace of mind.

You will gain peace of mind you can see with our single real-time, global and transparent view of all PwC Tax, Legal and People projects in Engagement Center, PwC's portal, which is available on all desktop and mobile devices.

Redefining quality

You can achieve your best outcomes through our commitment to quality. We’re redefining quality for the future by leveraging new levels of connectivity to dive into large-scale data sets and automating processes.

We’ve transformed the way Tax & Legal services works with you. By investing in the right technologies, digital skills and processes — we enhance your outcomes with saved time, transparency, efficiency and deeper insights that drive additional value for you.

Our technology ecosystem

Global transparency across your Tax, Legal and People projects.

PwC's global platform which powers our work in a secure, data-driven, networked world.

The gateway to our other apps and digital assets, reimagining the possible through insights and analytics.

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Engagement Center
Where we collaborate and stay connected with our clients
Data Platform
Where data is managed, transformed and drawn from by our Tax Apps

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Engagement Center
All your Tax, Legal and People engagements - globally. Explore what Engagement Center will mean for you

Engagement Center is our digitally enabled web-based client collaboration platform.

Whether your needs are local or global, this is the platform that will give you transparency across all your Tax, Legal and People projects with us.

It’s designed to fit into busy schedules so you will always feel in control, with the freedom to check in for real-time updates whenever you want to.

Engagement Center is also the gateway to our supporting technologies and digital assets, delivering a fully connected and digitised experience for you through a single portal.

Engagement overviews, always in real time

Engagement Center provides real-time status visuals, so you can see how your projects are progressing across the world. As work is completed by PwC and your team, your dashboards will update, enabling you to centrally monitor what is important to you without needing to ask.

Securely share and exchange documents between your team and ours

We simplify and secure the document-exchange process, saving you time. Take comfort in knowing your data, documents and information are shared and stored securely.

All queries in one place — out of email

Your PwC engagement team sends digital information requests directly in Engagement Center, streamlining information gathering. At any time, you can see what information has been provided and what is still outstanding, as well as ask questions, answer queries and upload documents. This enables easier team collaboration, greater transparency and improved governance.

Track the status of engagements and the progress of work

Light-touch project management allows teams to communicate activity dates, responsibilities and status. With access to a full audit trail of all actions and tasks, you can track the status of your global engagements with PwC anytime.

Enhanced reporting for increased value

View reports that visualise your data and identify valuable insights. Benefit from advanced analytics to help you spot risks and opportunities sooner, giving you and your team more time to spend on strategic matters.

PwC’s Data Platform
Our global platform which powers PwC’s work in a secure, data-driven, networked world

From our agile suite of data acquisition tools, to accurate reporting and insight generation, we’re innovating to connect data with next generation technology to develop deeper insights for our clients.

How we work with your data

Get data
Our data acquisition suite provides multiple options to seamlessly and securely share your data with us in the way that meets your needs. We make it easier to get data in a repeatable way and consistent format, without time-draining requests on your teams.

Work with data
We transform, validate and catalogue your data making it easily usable and searchable, feeding it into our apps and putting it to use across multiple projects so we only ask you for it once. It enables us to quickly surface assets, automatically flag missing information and visualise new opportunities - making it easier for teams to focus on smarter decision-making.

Share insights via Engagement Center
Our transformative approach to working with data means we can automate more standard tasks, leaving us time to unleash our digital innovation to generate new and actionable insights tailored to your needs. For you, this translates into faster, more confident decision-making to drive your strategy forward.

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