Out to Succeed: Realising the full potential of your LGBT+ talent

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LGBT+ inclusion: What’s at stake 

Businesses succeed in an environment that enables LGBT+ talent to thrive. What do high potential LGBT+ employees want from employers? Are businesses delivering? What more should organisations do to enable LGBT+ talent to succeed?  Both the business leaders and employees from different companies and industries around the world taking part in the OutNEXT/PwC Out to Succeed survey highlight the extent to which a supportive and targeted focus on LGBT+ inclusion is a valuable brand differentiator, performance enhancer, and talent draw. 

The report sets out five areas organisations should focus on to support LGBT+ equality:

  1. Set the right tone from the top and engage CEOs
  2. Create clear pathways for career progression
  3. Stand up and advocate for equality
  4. Build and empower ally networks
  5. Create inclusive communications


The case for business inclusion

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