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If your Human Resource (HR) management is becoming more complex, congratulations! It means you are expanding – or outgrowing your current software and processes. PwC’s pre-configured Human eXperience Management (HXM) Express solution has your employee journey covered from the moment a prospective applicant approaches you – all in one tool, connected to the rest of your SAP and broader HR technology ecosystem. HXM-Express has been developed using lessons learned from 200+ global SAP SuccessFactors implementations and is constantly evolving. With HXM-Express, you can streamline your HR operations, improve employee engagement, and boost productivity, all without breaking the bank – giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.
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Is your HR data a security headache?

HR departments already adopt software solutions for many tasks. But things get tricky when they are not well integrated and there is not a single source of truth for people related data. HR employees waste time entering the same data from one solution to another, and the number of printouts can also be a data security issue. Not so with HXM-Express: the product works seamlessly within the SAP ecosystem, and integrations have been developed for leading payroll solutions. That means a wide range of features, safe data storage in the cloud and no more copy and pasting between different applications. PwC sets up system integration that enables data to flow smoothly.

You won't recognise HR in six months.

HXM-Express delivers out-of-the-box HR transformation: you gain leading practice HR processes, roles, system workflows and accelerators to drive your digital transformation. Our proven customer-centric implementation approach requires less effort on your side and reduces the risk and complexity that comes naturally with these types of changes. HXM-Express fast tracks your success – depending on the complexity, the implementation time ranges from six to 16 months. But it is not just technology alone that will get you there – PwC brings a structured upskilling approach and will work alongside you to develop the capability of your team, building their understanding of how to work in the new way.
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Attract and onboard people quickly

The war on talent makes it increasingly critical to have effective processes that allow you to quickly attract and recruit the right skills. First impressions matter too – delivering an engaging and supportive experience as you bring new employees into your organization is important. Let us show you how HXM-Express enables you to find the best applicants and onboard them effectively.

Manage HR data efficiently

HXM-Express provides you with a single source for your HR data – integrated across modules and end-to-end processes, including localisation requirements where relevant. Pre-built automation and extensions reduce the effort required to maintain this data, delivering improved data quality. HXM-Express also has predefined reporting stories that provide you with valuable insights into your workforce at your fingertips, as well as required skills and competencies.

Develop and retain your people

Employees need to be supported to grow and develop. They also want to be rewarded fairly for their performance. HXM-Express delivers the tools to enable continuous development, supports you to drive performance and deliver fair, transparent, and effective total rewards across your organisation. The solution also allows you to understand how you perform as an employer so you can continue to enhance your employee experience and stay competitive in the market.

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