PwC stepping up when technology fails to deliver value

January 09, 2024

In this Special Report, TBR discusses the reasons why technology investments in the last decade haven’t delivered the value or transformative effects expected by enterprises, and why clients need to see changes in the consulting business model, which reflect changes wrought by the pandemic, increased partnering across the technology ecosystem, and the impacts of GenAI.

Per the report, ‘By PwC’s assessment, technology investments haven’t delivered the business value or transformative effects enterprises have expected over the last decade. Implementing the latest ERP doesn’t, by itself, deliver growth and moving workloads to the cloud doesn’t, unrelentingly, reduce costs. Business leaders haven’t seen technology provide transformational results.’

In TBR’s view, ‘PwC’s recognition that a standardized and scaled business model – the factory approach – combined with high-touch consulting could actually assuage fears around job disruption may prove critical in coming years as GenAI permeates IT services, generating more uncertainty and fear. Paired with the focus on measurable business outcomes, PwC’s “factory approach” could help separate the firm from peers.’  

Furthermore, ‘In TBR’s view, a NASCAR pit crew analogy PwC invoked multiple times seemed most appropriate in discussing how PwC could help clients with both their processes and technology. Changing tires fast isn’t just better tools, but also practice, teamwork, and performing under pressure. In an increasingly competitive and budget-constrained IT services and consulting market, bringing NASCAR-like precision and speed to digital transformations will become expected of the leading vendors.’    

Tom Puthiyamadam, Transformation Consulting Solutions Leader, PwC US, said, ‘We aim to help our clients, regardless of their industry and size, to transform by taking innovative digital solutions and strategic ideas for growth to them.  We help clients to make informed strategic choices in today's dynamic times to innovate, evolve and grow their businesses so that they can stay ahead and react to rapidly changing market trends.’

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