PwC named a Leader in Everest Group Net Zero Consulting Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

September 28, 2023

Everest Group recently released its report titled ‘Net Zero Consulting Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.’ In the report, it states that, ‘As the global concern over climate change intensifies, the urgent need to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality has become top priority for governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide. Factors such as the evolving regulatory frameworks, corporate sustainability commitments, investor pressures, and consumer demand for environmentally conscious products and services are making the market more lucrative, bringing to light various potential opportunities for service providers to bring innovative solutions to the table. To navigate this complex and transformative journey, organizations are increasingly turning to net zero consulting service providers, which offer invaluable expertise, strategies, and solutions for achieving their sustainability goals.’

On defining the Leaders, the report says:

  • ‘Leaders take a strong consultative approach to helping enterprises of varied maturity levels to contextualise their sustainability concerns to their businesses and define the roadmap for their net zero transformation accordingly. 

  • They have invested in building a robust partnership ecosystem comprising hyper scalers, enterprise platforms, and niche sustainability data and software vendors to provide holistic, data-backed net zero consulting services.

  • Leaders have a clear vision for their net zero transformation practice and a clearly defined plan of investment in talent, offerings, and proprietary tools in order to achieve it.’

Commenting on PwC’s strengths, Everest Group states:

  • ‘PwC is a key player in the carbon credit, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and Renewable Energy Credit (REC) markets and is active across various global alliances in helping evolve the space. Its expertise around carbon credits ties well with its legal, tax, and financed emissions capabilities.

  • It has strong client engagements to demonstrate expertise in climate adaptation, risk assessment, impact measurement, and accounting enabled by data and AI-driven IP to analyze climate risk, tax impact, and simulations.’

Will Jackson-Moore, Partner, Global Sustainability Leader, PwC UK, said: ‘We are delighted to be named a Leader by Everest Group. Climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing our world today. It affects everyone - from families worrying about their children’s futures, to pension funds deciding where to invest. The science is clear: to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, business, government and society need to work together to transition to a net zero economy by 2050. At PwC, we believe the business community has a key role to make that happen. We’re committed to leading by example.’


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