PwC, UNICEF and GenU: A Strategic Collaboration

The need to upskill and reskill the workforce has never been more urgent, especially for global youth.

PwC launched a multi-year collaboration with UNICEF in support of Generation Unlimited (GenU), which brings public, private and civil society stakeholders together to help young people build a productive future by acquiring the skills they will need to succeed in the future. We are also leading conversations to understand and ultimately help solve the global skills deficit. We are committed to helping create thriving societies, those that are centered around people who have the skills to drive technology that powers healthy, sustainable economies. 

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The Net Zero Generation

Why the world needs to upskill ​young people to enable the net zero transition

This report offers a way forward for governments, businesses and youth as we set out to address how upskilling enables young people to equitably access employment opportunities created by the climate transition. Global youth skilling is an issue that is vital to determining whether the world can transition to net zero in time. The transition requires a transformation in the kinds of jobs that exist in the economy. That requires upskilling at scale or the world will face severe bottlenecks which act as a brake on decarbonisation and climate resilience.
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Highlights from around PwC

PwC's Global Workforce Hopes & Fears survey 2023, covering nearly 54,000 workers across 46 countries and territories, presents a snapshot of the workforce today, focusing on the readiness for change, the perceived skills gap, financial hardship, and attitudes towards AI.

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World Youth Skills Day was established by the United Nations to celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. Our Global Workforce Hopes and Fears 2023 survey finds that younger workers are optimistic when it comes to skills. In this World Economic Forum blog, Carol Stubbings, Global Tax and Legal Services Leader, reflects on how that confidence should not be misplaced, and how business, government and civil society can come together to enable equitable opportunities to acquire skills.

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