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0.00: A mobility transformation is underway.

0.03: A transformation that will reshape the way we move, live, work, and experience the world around us.

0.10: From electric vehicles, to intelligent transport infrastructure. On-demand, shared and autonomous.

0.17: This is the era of smart mobility.

0.20: Making our cities safer, cleaner, more accessible and efficient.

0.24: Breaking down traditional market boundaries and redefining value chains.

0.30: Creating opportunities for collaboration across sectors. From the automotive and transport industries and the energy economy, to Financial Services, technology, real estate and the public sector.

0.42: There has never been a stronger need to come together and redefine what's possible.

0.48: Together, we can build tomorrow's mobility infrastructure, enable intelligent connectivity through IoT, 5G and AI to better collect and analyse data.

0.58: Create powerful new value pools, and reengineer policy frameworks and financing to support the mobility revolution.

1.05: Success will depend on how well we embrace innovation and navigate this evolving ecosystem together.

1.11: To create a more compelling version of mobility.

1.15: One that is electric, interconnected, safe and sustainable.

1.19: Join us today in shaping smart mobility for generations to come.

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Harald  Wimmer

Harald Wimmer

Partner, Global Automotive Leader, and Global Smart Mobility Co-Leader, PwC Germany

Hazem Galal

Hazem Galal

Partner, Global Cities and Local Government Leader, and Global Smart Mobility Co-Leader, PwC Middle East