PwC US inspires more than 300 CEOs to commit to advance workplace D&I

A year ago, PwC US Senior Partner Tim Ryan opened up a firmwide conversation about race in the workplace – creating a channel for PwC people in the US to talk with each other as the country has faced difficult and divisive events. Tim also found these issues were very much on the minds of the business leaders he speaks with each day. Inspired by the feedback from PwC partners and staff, Tim brought up diversity and inclusion to every CEO he met with.

“This collaboration changes the conversation about diversity and brings in unique values, actions and perspectives to continue to raise the bar for the entire business community. With every new organisation signing on, we have the opportunity to put our commitments into action by working together to improve diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and communities.”

Tim Ryan,Senior Partner, PwC US

From those conversations grew The CEO Action for Diversity & InclusionTM – the largest CEO-driven business commitment of its kind ever made. With PwC playing a leadership role, business leaders - and even competitors - came together to say that advancing D&I transcends any competitive divides – and stands to benefit all organisations and society as a whole.

By 25 July 2017, more than 300 CEOs of mostly Fortune 500 companies had signed on. Together they committed to providing employees time and space to have conversations about topics like race, delivering unconscious bias training to employees and sharing actions across organisations via a unified, open access hub to help advance diversity and inclusion. A popular share is PwC’s “Blind Spots” training, which is aimed at helping companies and individuals identify common biases and slow down thinking to make better decisions.

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