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Antonio Guterres: “Power is as the heart of the matter as we still live in a male dominated world with a male dominated culture”

Text: According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 136 years to close the gender gap worldwide.

Text:  Globally, more than 90% of all Heads of Government and Fortune 500 CEOs are male.

Text: 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime

So what do we want?

Emma Watson: “We want to end gender inequality, and to do this we need everyone involved”

Text: We started a global movement to engage men to change male dominated cultures

So together we can achieve gender equality!

Winston Duke: “We men must play an active role in ensuring a more just world”

Emma Watson: “It’s about engaging governments, businesses, and universities, and having them make concrete commitments to gender equality”


Leaders of countries



And Communities

Text: This movement has created over 3 billion conversations each year

Text: Our HeForShe Alliance includes over 600 million citizens committed to gender equality

With each member committing to specific change.

Anne Hathaway: “Why is it always women who have to break through the glass ceiling? Where are the men willing to throw boulders down through it?”

Howard University President: “And so, you do need men to partner in terms of undoing those injustices, when you look at things like pay equality.”

DP World Chairman: “Gender equality and gender equity make 100% business sense.”

Text: Men across the world have shown that with concerted effort and targeted action, issues of gender-based violence can be addressed

Malawi Chief: “We shall commit ourselves to ensuring that there is no gender-based violence, there will be no child abuse, no forced early child marriages. Men must also take a stand”

Text: Through the activism of Champions, HeForShe has enabled change through groundbreaking advocacy campaigns.

Video: Central Asia campaign video interview – Teach your children that violence is wrong. It should not exist in any form.

Text: These Champions and the HeForShe movement show that change is possible.

Text: But let’s not forget, global gender equality is still over 100 years away.

With the actions of individuals and institutions like you, we can make it happen this decade, together.

Simon Pegg video: “We have the opportunity to change something now. That’s what HeForShe is about. Gender equality is good for everyone. Are you with us?”

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