Dispute Analysis and Insurance Claims

Providing balanced loss quantification and expert testimony

We provide financial and economic analysis for companies and their counsel involved in litigation, arbitration or mediations.

Our professionals investigate and analyze the issues, often with the assistance of our forensic technology team. We quantify losses and provide credible expert testimony.

We also have extensive experience in both claim preparation (on behalf of insured individuals or businesses) and in claim review (on behalf of the insurer). We provide a balanced quantification, based on reasonable assumptions and sound financial analysis.

Some of the claims or investigations with which we have been involved include:

  • Business interruption losses
  • Assessment of the existence and valuation of inventory
  • Economic loss quantification in liability claims, including product liability
  • Product recall
  • Assessment of financial motivation
  • Personal injury tort claims for economic loss
  • Valuation of fidelity and employee dishonesty claims

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