Sourcing Transition Support (STS)

Improving communication and integrating cultures after a sourcing transaction

Sourcing transactions can be a long, tedious, and tiring process. Much attention is paid to the contract but little attention is paid to the transition. Often the client organization forgets about the service provider for the first few months while it “catches up” on the work it neglected during the transaction.

How PwC can help

Our Sourcing practice understands the challenges of a sourcing transaction and is ready to help. Our Sourcing Transition Support (STS) is a set of services to help our clients achieve the increased benefits from a sourcing arrangement. STS uses tools, templates, facilitation, and the application of standard industry practices to help our clients achieve their sourcing project objectives.

The STS services will:

  • Measure your ability to govern the new paradigm, plan for the necessary changes, provide the tools and templates to work in the new governance paradigm, and provide a tool for ensuring that the new paradigm is meeting your needs.
  • Measure your readiness for the change, assess stakeholder segments, prepare them for the change, provide levers for making the change easier and faster, and provide a tool for measuring the effectiveness of the change effort throughout the transition.
  • Identify which of your operational processes will be affected, which new processes will need to be introduced and integrated, look for ways that integration can occur in a non-disruptive and expedited fashion, and provide a tool for helping the new processes meet your needs.

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