Millennials Survey

Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace

It’s clear that millennials will be a powerful generation of workers and that those with the right skills will be in high demand. They may be able to command not only creative reward packages by today’s standards, but also influence the way they work and where and how they operate in the workplace. They may also be one of the biggest challenges that many organisations will face.

Explore the five data stories: individual compromise, factors that make an organisation attractive, importance of shared values, advancement opportunities, and work schedule. Navigate the data by selecting filter(s) under one tabular category below (i.e, country). Compare data across several filters at one time (i.e. Canada vs. France vs. Japan).

Attractive employers
Shared values
International mobility
Flexible working

72% of millennials made compromises to get into work. Top compromises were around location and fewer benefits

52% said good opportunities for career progression made an employer attractive. This was the top response.

59% of millennials would deliberately seek out employers whose corporate social responsibility values matched their own. This was down from 88% in 2008.

66% feel they need to gain international experience to further their careers.

29% - less than a third of millennials expect to work regular office hours.