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Asia-Pacific Health Industries Newsletter - August 2015


In this issue, we cover healthcare market trends and challenges, M&A trends, and regulatory developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia-Pacific Health Industries Newsletter - April 2015


PwC's Global Health Industries network is pleased to present you with its 13th issue of the Asia-Pacific Health Industries Newsletter.

Global health's new entrants: Meeting the world's consumer


New healthcare entrants have pioneered pathways into virtual healthcare, more affordable and convenient care options, fitness and wellness and much more.

Decision making in the healthcare industries


Healthcare executives are changing the way they use data and analytics. New thoughts on why it's time to update decision support in the C-suite.

Asia-Pacific Health Industries Newsletter – July 2014


In this edition we highlight recent developments in Asia and Australia including changes in China's compliance and pricing environment, pharmaceutical deals in South Korea and India, digital health, Big Data, and tax developments in Australia, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Crossing borders: How healthcare service organisations can explore new markets


PwC summarises current and future trends in healthcare deals, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, and what healthcare CEOs need to consider before venturing into foreign markets.

The global mHealth market opportunity and sustainable reimbursement models


In the final issue, we discuss how the mHealth market will grow to nearly $23 billion by 2017 and how organisations can capitalise through scalable business models.

NHS@75: Towards a healthy state


This PwC publication looks at the current and growing financial and demand pressures the NHS is facing and why threaten to undermine its fundamental principles. Without action by the public, providers, commissioners, regulators and politicians the NHS as we know it may not exist in 2023. NHS@75 sets out the case for radical change in the health service over the next ten years.

Putting data security on the top table


PwC explains how healthcare CIOs can build a case for their leaders on the importance of having a robust data security strategy and the steps necessary to become an information security leader.

Owning the disease


In the fifth issue, we explore how medical technology companies can adapt to the changing marketplace by adopting a new business model that focuses on the entire patient experience instead of just episodes of care.

Health System Innovation in Lesotho: Design and early operations of the Maseru Public Private Integrated Partnership


This PwC case study details the design and launch of an innovative partnership to dramatically improve delivery of healthcare in Lesotho in southern Africa.

Interoperability: An essential component for scalable mHealth


PwC's mHealth explores the current state of interoperable systems, why they are so important to mhealth, and how open systems can benefit providers, payers and new device entrants.

How supportive is the regulatory framework for mobile health applications?


Regulatory bodies in the United States and the European Union are beginning to increase scrutiny over mHealth solutions but over 150 countries have yet to develop regulatory frameworks or guidance.

Proceedings from the fifth roundtable in Berlin, Germany


This report covers five case studies that were examined during PwC's 'Bending the Cost Curve' roundtable, and the probing themes and questions that were debated. The report describes leading practices in the areas of: health system reform; public-private collaboration; HIT and interoperability; and benchmarking for long-term care.

mHealth Insights: How is mobility driving business for pharmaceutical companies?


In this second issue, we discuss ways pharmaceutical and medical device companies are using mobility to engage internal and external stakeholders and what elements need to be in place for an effective mHealth strategy.

Global healthcare case studies and best practices


Showcases innovative best practices for healthcare cost containment. Readers will find actionable solutions to global challenges, plus PwC's analysis on the trends driving the future of healthcare.

mHealth Insights: Intelligent healthcare through mHealth


This first installment explores how mHealth is enabling a new paradigm where applications use artificial intelligence to simulate the decision-making process, and the challenges developers must overcome to ensure solutions are useful for patients.

Fighting chronic disease


mHealth can give chronic patients customised tools and behaviour information to take control of their condition, make better decisions, and improve their lives.

Reaching those who need it most


More people in emerging markets have mobile devices, which means mHealth can reach vast numbers of people who are most in need of innovative healthcare services.

Building mHealth business models that work


What principles are key for mHealth's success? PwC says interoperability, integration, intelligence, socialisation, outcomes and engagement help innovation thrive.