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Introducing our Forensic Lab


We’re proud to have acquired the business of Platinum Legal Group and their experience in eDiscovery and litigation support

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Fraud. Corruption. Internal theft. Regulatory investigations. Financial misrepresentation. Intellectual property disputes. These threats to a company’s brand and bottom line are all too real and should be addressed. We can help you meet your challenges proactively with the help of our deep, reliable investigative experience and proven reputation for guiding business leaders toward informed decisions – from the boardroom to the courtroom.

Bring our Forensic Lab team to the table to help minimize risk

Before evidence is lost and panic sets in, talk to us. We can help you prevent, investigate and remediate issues arising from regulatory, legal and commercial minefields that can damage your brand and bottom line if left unchecked. We offer guidance and assistance with complex technology challenges; we serve as expert witnesses; we conduct fraud and forensic investigations and we develop value-preserving solutions for companies that have been compromised by weakened processes and controls.

Confidently augment your team with flexible, scalable domestic and global forensic solutions. Our experienced technology specialists coupled with our global reach, deliver swift, efficient response times with local knowledge of regulations, culture and language.

Whether you are a corporate executive, internal or external counsel, we will enable your organization to protect its core business. Click to learn more:


  • Does your organization face frequent litigation?
  • How does your legal team ensure that the right information is found and available? Can you manage large volumes of potentially relevant information?
  • How prepared are you to respond to an insider threat, fraud, or theft of sensitive information?
  • Do you know what your social media reputation is?
  • Can you quickly detect when hackers have compromised your social media accounts?
  • Are you retaining and deleting the right data?
  • Are you monitoring when data leaves your network?

Service focus areas

  • Collection, processing and preservation of critical evidence to support litigation and regulatory response
  • Corporate espionage investigations of unauthorized access, data theft, harassing e-mails, privacy, intellectual property and phishing
  • Monitoring and alerting of potential social media attacks
  • Improved ability to defensibly dispose of information
  • Continuous improvement of information policies and procedures
  • Awareness training

Hot topics

  • eDiscovery
  • Internal theft
  • Investigation of employee misconduct and misuse of information
  • Electronic investigation readiness
  • Mobile device investigations
  • Mitigating reputational risk from social media
  • Legal and regulatory demands for information

Bring us to the table when...

  • Considering an eDiscovery managed service partner
  • Anticipating or preparing to respond to litigation or regulatory investigations that require you to manage, search and review large volumes of electronic data
  • Planning for or conducting electronic investigations to determine the loss of information or failure to comply with policies
  • Seeking to identify information that is most valuable to your business and best ways to manage and protect it
  • Considering the state of your social media reputation