Green infrastructure financing: Dive into the data

A new PwC tool highlights the importance of scrutinizing a range of infrastructure investment criteria.

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As infrastructure continues to play a large—if not the largest—role in the global commitment to decarbonise, PwC’s Green Infrastructure Finance Propensity Index tool offers a chance to engage and understand the investment landscape in greater detail. We have undertaken global analysis to identify where new and operational green infrastructure projects are happening, taking into consideration many indicators that investors study when making investment decisions.

Our interactive tool provides the opportunity to isolate and compare each of our six core criteria—macroeconomic environment, green financing opportunities, strength of the financial market, green growth, regulatory and business environment, and commitment to green objectives—giving financiers an opportunity to weigh country-specific variables that can inform their current and future green infrastructure priorities and allocation decisions.

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Clara Cutajar

Clara Cutajar

Global Capital Projects & Infrastructure Leader, PwC Australia