Mine Report 2023 - Video transcript

The era of critical minerals is here. Mining companies must carve out a new path to find the formula for success. It must consider these three key trends that will drive the future: government, decarbonisation and the workforce.

Government has emerged as a new player: funding, policies and engaging in strategic alliances.

Decarbonisation needs to be at the forefront of our process. One-third of mining CEOs see their company being exposed to climate-related risks. An industry focus on reducing carbon emissions and transforming supply chains, whilst increasing critical mineral output, offers opportunities of efficiency, cost savings and new partnerships.

A new workforce is required for the growing demand for critical minerals. Two-thirds of mining CEOs believe skill shortages will have an impact on profitability in the next ten years. Therefore, mining companies must broaden their appeal, particularly with emerging talent. Raising the voices of this talent will then enhance our future.

Bring these together, and it’s clear: the era of critical minerals must be an era of reinvention.

Together, we can solve this.

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