Shining a light on LGBT+ employees in the workplace

Shining the light on LGBT+ employees in the workplace

Shine Inclusion Networks are building a welcoming, safe and caring environment for people of all gender identities/expressions and sexual orientations across the PwC network. Shine is creating opportunities and fostering advocacy and allyship so that all PwC people can thrive.

Shine Inclusion Networks


By many measures, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other (LGBT+) employees in numerous parts of the world have made great strides in the workplace. Still our 2018 Out to Succeed: Realising the full potential of LGBT+ talent research report with Out Leadership about LGBT+ employees at different organisations globally reveals those employees often experience challenges and fears at work that negatively impact their ability to feel their best and be their best. 

PwC is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace, welcoming solvers of all gender identities/expressions and sexual orientations and encouraging everyone to bring their authentic selves to work. Shine, PwC's LGBT+ community and ally inclusion network, is making the workplace brighter by celebrating the many ways LGBT+ colleagues contribute to a stronger, more inclusive culture. 

PwC’s Shine community is focused on creating an accepting atmosphere that demonstrates value and care for the LGBT+ community. The objectives of our Shine networks are:

  • Education and awareness, to foster a culture of inclusion and support and to strengthen our family of allies and supporters.

  • Attraction and recruitment of LGBT+ talent, enhancing PwC’s reputation as an employer of choice for LGBT+ inclusion.

  • Community impact, to lift up and support the LGBT+ community beyond PwC.

  • Business development, using our vast network of connections in the LGBT+ community to help support and grow our business.

At its heart, Shine is about creating a welcoming, safe and caring environment, creating opportunities and fostering advocacy and allyship so that all of our people can thrive. Amplifying and growing our Shine inclusion networks around the world is a key part of our Global LGBT+ Inclusion strategy. We are pleased to share that they have grown in number every year, with our two newest networks established in PwC Italy and PwC Czech Republic. 

In 2019, PwC organised its first ever Global Shine Summit in New York City to coincide with the World Pride celebration and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. The summit brought together 200 PwC LGBT+ partners and staff, including allies, from 28 countries for leadership development, to share knowledge about ongoing LGBT+ issues, and to hear from keynote speakers and network with colleagues from around the world. In March, 2023 we were able to host our second in-person Global Shine Summit in Australia to coincide with Sydney WorldPride 2023. Over the course of three days 150 LGBT+ talent and allies from 12 countries took part in 18 LGBT+ focused sessions and events. An output of the success of these summits has been greater synergy of our Shine inclusion networks across the global PwC network. 

PwC is committed to supporting meaningful change and protecting employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. By bringing together colleagues, families, friends and allies to discuss and act on issues important to the LGBT+ community, the Shine inclusion networks are removing barriers and creating new opportunities.

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“Leaders need to be active advocates and allies for LGBT+ equality and inclusion. They can't hide from or ignore these issues - we must be loud in support of LGBT+ colleagues.”

Bob MoritzPwC Global Chairman

The results

Shine communities are growing in number across the PwC network, increasing from:

  • 9 networks in 2016 to…

  • 17 networks in 2019 to… 

  • 35 networks in 2024.

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Thanks to Shine, employees report feeling more confident and safer in showing their authentic selves at work and it has been expressed as a key factor for why many LGBT+ talent decide to join PwC.

PwC’s Shine community is shining the light on the important issues that impact the network’s diverse community, building trust in society, strengthening the workplace culture and shaping a brighter future where everyone can shine.

Participant testimonials

“I think the Shine network is a great way to give visibility to those people who may feel invisible, and to create a safe place for everybody to talk, and talk freely. As part of the community myself, as a gay guy, I know for sure that I have the same career opportunities as others.”

Emmanuel Bardet,Senior Manager, PwC France

"Being part of an organisation that accepts people for who they are fills me with courage. I feel that I'm surrounded by people, by allies, which in turn gives me confidence.”

Cezary Żelaźnicki,Partner, PwC Poland

“I can be my whole self, and my whole self is very much the best possible person I can bring to work, and that means that I do much better at work, and I enjoy being at work more as a result.”

Chloe Langbroek,Senior Manager, PwC Australia and Shine co-chair
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