Fraud Risk Management

Helping clients to devise effective fraud prevention programs

Despite widespread coverage in the press, and government's and regulators' efforts to reduce fraud, economic crime continues to be a menace to businesses in Canada and around the world. Even when companies have controls in place to detect economic crime, these can often be rendered ineffective by management override or collusion. We can help your organization take preventative steps to limit its exposure to fraud, and establish a process to manage such a crisis, should one occur.

Our PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Investigations & Forensic Services team can assist you in implementing an effective antifraud regime, including:

  • Conducting fraud risk assessments
  • Designing and implementing employee awareness testing
  • Reviewing your code of ethics and whistleblower program in relation to best practices
  • Designing an effective intelligence screening process
  • Assisting you with your fraud awareness training
  • Reviewing your incident reporting mechanism for effectiveness
  • Reviewing your investigation and remediation protocols in relation to best practices

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