What would you do? The great trade-off

Business faces complex decisions everyday. But how do they evaluate the optimal approach? Or understand which of their stakeholders are affected by their choices?

PwC’s TIMM framework puts a value (positive or negative) on twenty impacts across society, tax, economics, and the environment. And gives business the ability to compare strategies and investment choices, evaluating the total impact of each. But it’s best shown in an example.


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NB. The size of the bars is the relative impact, green being positive and red negative.

Bringing TIMM to life

Imagine you're a brewer. You have a brewery in Africa and you have a choice between importing raw materials or growing them locally. The question is, which is better?

Click on the boxes below to see the total impact for each option. As you switch between the two you'll see the impacts change.

Which option would you choose? Make your choice and vote.

Option 1:I’ll import

Upside: more water for the community

Downside: higher GHG emissions

Option 2:I’ll grow an
alternative locally

Upside: communities benefit more (jobs, health etc) + lower GHG emissions

Downside: more water used