Enhancing the assignee experience

Enhancing the assignee experience

Companies continue to relocate staff and source talent from all around the world. Multinational organizations need a mobile workforce that is focused upon the job they are employed to do and not unnecessarily hindered by tax compliance processes. The demand for tools to support real time, global access to data and information for these globally mobile employees is extremely high and is frequently vocalized by our clients.

PwC’s MyTaxes is part of a strategic initiative that demonstrates our commitment to improving the overall taxpayer experience by focusing on the individual.

How MyTaxes will bring value to your company

Intuitive, easy to use on-line experience for tracking workdays and filing tax forms will make the entire Tax experience more palatable for assignees.

MyTaxes saves time and helps users meet deadlines and avoid errors.

MyTaxes results in increased assignee satisfaction

MyTaxes reduces your assignees’ compliance risks

MyTaxes allows employees to redirect their time and focus on business goals.

Users are able to exchange information across borders in real-time and at all hours of the day,