Faster, greener smarter: Reaching beyond the horizon in the world of semiconductors

This in-depth report provides an analysis of the major technological advances that will drive the semiconductor industry in the coming years. In addition, the study comprises a benchmark analysis of key financial ratios in the semiconductor industry as well as sales projections for the coming years.

Key findings:

  1. Current market conditions and outlooks are mixed for the next few years, largely because of the fragile global economic outlook.
  2. The automotive and industrial markets for semiconductors offer significant growth potential.
  3. The automotive market will be driven by the number of vehicles produced in Brazil, Russia, India and China, and by an increase in the average semiconductor content per vehicle.
  4. The industrial sector is growing because of increasing energy demands, a continuing trend toward renewable energies and the expansion of high-speed rail transportation.
  5. The data processing application market is driven by accelerating tablet sales, and the communications market by the still-strong unit sales of smartphones. Consumer electronics also benefit from a growth in units sold, particularly in digital set-top boxes.
  6. China will cement its dominant position and increase its market share of global semiconductor sales to half of the worldwide market by 2015.
  7. To meet global demands, global production capacity for semiconductors will increase.
  8. Overall production capacity is sustaining progress toward smaller feature sizes and larger wafer diameters.
  9. Operating profitability is back on the positive side of the ledger, except in the memory and back-end processes subsectors, which face strong competition and cycles of overcapacity.
  10. Working capital is back to normal levels.

We would like to recognise and thank the executives pictured below for sharing their valuable time and insights to enhance the quality of our report.

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