Dynamic Service Delivery (DSD) Platform: Getting future-fit

Summary: Getting future fit

Continuous adaptation in a turbulent world

Rising to the Agility challenge

Many leaders are undertaking rapid transformation across their organisations. Most of these strategies are similar: the true differentiator lies in how to effectively adapt in this environment.

These are the questions leaders are asking themselves as they look to transform their organisations:

  • What is the best response to market challenges due to increased competition and how do we simplify our operations as well as attract top talent when lines are blurring between different industries?
  • Will we be able to address our organisation challenges around agility, pace and focus while adapting to change?
  • How do we respond to customers’ rapidly shifting expectations and changing characteristics? What’s the best way to deliver a leading end-to-end experience?
  • How do we choose which technologies to invest into, in an environment of disruption and changing consumption models?

What does it take to succeed?

PwC’s research and experience have highlighted three key characteristics of successful transformative organisations. When these three (HVP) characteristics are aligned, an organisation is enabled to effectively adapt and respond to environmental turbulence.



Continuously assess the environment for emerging threats and opportunities – take a holistic view of everything happening across the organisation.

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Embed a new pace of working by creating an operating rhythm, breaking through restrictive mindsets and enabling effective decision making.

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Continuously rewire the entire organisation to overcome boundaries and break down silos.
Download the PwC and The University of Melbourne Agility study for more information about the HVP model.

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How do you enable breadth, depth and agility?

PwC’s Dynamic Service Delivery is a contemporary platform for transformation – introducing a suite of integrated accelerators from your frontline through to the execution team. It enables you to look at your organisation to build competitive advantage and discover new potential.

Download the Dynamic Service Delivery (DSD) Platform “Getting future-fit” paper to find out more about building organisational adaptability and project execution capability.

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