Our Structured Finance Groups (SFG)

We are leaders in serving the global securitisation industry. With extensive experience and significant industry knowledge, we are an innovator in the structured finance marketplace. Our two groups, the European structured finance group and the US structured finance group, service the globe. We offer clients:

  • A robust combination of coordinated accounting, tax and advisory capabilities, along with a variety of functional specialties, including capital markets, investment banking transaction structuring, investor reporting and technology;
  • A team of professionals, who are based in New York; Washington, DC; Brussels, Belgium; London, England; Sydney, Australia and other locations worldwide. They represent the singular comprehensive team necessary to support a securitisation transaction from start to finish; and
  • Experience in virtually all asset classes, including residential and commercial mortgages, commercial loans and bonds, automobile loans and leases, trade receivables, credit cards, home equity loans, equipment loans and leases, student loans, manufactured housing loans, franchise loans, timeshare receivables and mutual fund fees.

Our US Financial Instruments and Credit Group

We offer strategic advisory, transaction closing, post transaction services and technology solutions. We also employ transaction-oriented professionals, who provide high-calibre solutions, comprehensive capital markets and securitisation skills across our advisory, accounting, regulatory, tax and technology services in a fully integrated global approach.

Our European structured finance group

This group provides specialised services to all those involved in securitisation and structured financings throughout Europe and the Middle East.