Chris Barbee

A world-class forensics operation is powered by three engines: in-depth accounting knowledge, seasoned investigative skills and global access to resources. The effective combination of these, supported by state-of-the-art technology, creates the ability to assist clients in making real-time, intelligent decisions based on accurate and complete information.

As leader of PwC's Global Forensic Services, Chris Barbee heads the international team of experts who have the skills to determine which questions matter most and the experience to find the right answers. Chris knows how to utilize information to address crisis situations in your business, and protect your company's assets and reputation. He understands the significant risks organisations face -- from errors in judgment to corruption, fraud and abuse. Whether the challenges are local or cross border, Chris leads the global team that helps your business solve its most complex and urgent situations.

Chris has strong relationships with executives in the public and private sector, and he advises clients in connection with various regulatory and investigative proceedings. He helps organisations manage complex forensic projects involving financial reporting fraud, allegations relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, adversarial proceedings, asset searches, management or employee embezzlement and tax fraud.

Chris has extensive litigation advisory experience and has acted as an arbitrator in the resolution of purchase price disputes. His experience also includes due diligence reviews in connection with acquisitions and divestitures, internal control reviews, assistance with forecasts and compliance audits. His clients span a broad spectrum of industries, including pharmaceutical, technology, media and communications, consumer and industrial products, manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare.

Chris is also a frequent guest lecturer on the topic of securities litigation at the Wharton School of Business.

If you have a business matter and would like to reach Chris for advice, you may contact him by email or at his Philadelphia office at +1 267 330 3020.